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Its Monday, do you fee like this?

Mondays are a difficult day, you’ve just ended the weekend and now have the next five days looming ahead. Mondays do not have to be “one of those days” instead lets make it Monday with a happy face.

The best thing about Monday’s is it’s an opportunity for a new slate, maybe last week didn’t turn out very productive or maybe it was productive but too stressful to enjoy.

Today’s Organizing tip is also a stress management tip:
Plan your work and work your plan.

The best way to keep on top of your school work is to plan when you are going to do it, set aside a specific amount of time to accomplish the task and when that time comes set everything else aside and do it.

To get you started on a new Monday I’ve attached a weekly and daily organizing page for April.

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  Red PDF Logo Weekly to-do sheet

Red PDF Logo Daily to-do sheets (April 2012)