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Organizing Mondays: One step closer to an easier you.

Spring Break is over and its back to the studies. You ask my how my break went? It was productive as I was in the office all week catching up and preparing for the up coming quarter, which starts today.

An important key for me is scheduling when to complete my tasks.

First I make a list. Lists help me remember what I want to complete and also what I need to complete throughout the day or week. My list needs to be somewhere where I can see it. At my desk, its helpful to have it on my outlook but if I don’t have my email open I do not see it so instead I wrote it on post it notes and stuck them almost directly in front of me so I couldn’t miss it. Post-its work because often they are bright colors and because they have a sticky strip on the back I can post it just about anywhere.

Next step is to schedule out the time to complete your tasks. I came across an article 3 Smart Scheduling Secrets by Maria Gracia.

  1. Don’t overbook – don’t overfill your schedule with anything and everything, put only the most useful and highest-priority tasks in. Too much or Too little will leave you in a more frazzled state than before you began.
  2. Pad your time – give yourself lee-way time. If you think it will take 15 min to complete a task then pad it with 10-15 minutes extra. This will help you stay on top of the tasks and make sure you don’t over book your schedule.
  3. Use the time of day that works best – Always schedule those tasks that require your undivided attention at the time of day when you’re most alert and energetic. Keep this in mind especially if you need to go out and about; don’t plan your grocery shopping during rush hour or when the grocery story is busiest.

I have attached the weekly to-do sheet from last week to keep you organizing successfully.

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  Red PDF Logo Weekly to-do sheet

Red PDF Logo Daily to-do sheets (April 2012)