This past weekend I braved it and spent it at Six Flags Magic Mountain. I must say I had a blast and X2 made me scream my head off so if you hear me today and I have a hoarse voice you now know why.

Going to an amusement park is a stressful adventure in itself. Often lines are horrendously long, park food is always way more expensive than if you were to buy it outside of the park and you run around trying to hastily make it to the best ride in the park before maybe the next 20 people.

Saturday, we spent 99% of our time in the park waiting in lines for Tatsu and Goliath. Mind you, roller coasters are way more of a rush in the dark than with the blaring sun lighting your way. On Sunday we were fortunate enough to have two flash passes given to our group for free due to a mix up by the park. Because we only rode two rides on Saturday we wanted to use those passes wisely. We factored in the the following to help us make our decision: line length, had we been on the ride before and a group consensus.

The first ride we decided was X2, the newest ride of the park with a wait time of 90 minutes and no body had been on the ride that trip. It was well worth it! We were able to ride three roller coasters in three hours compared to two in seven hours and there was no regret on the use of the passes.

Using multiple factors when you make your decisions helps you make choices you know you would benefit from whether from enjoyment, cost effective, or time management.

If you are planning to go to six flags any time soon and can afford the hefty price for a flash pass ($117-$187 for two) it is well worth it or hope the park has a mix up and gives them to you. Otherwise plan ahead and be prepared for some great people watching.