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Its Monday, how are you feeling?

The best thing about Monday’s is it’s an opportunity for a new slate, maybe last week didn’t turn out very productive or maybe it was productive but too stressful to enjoy.

There is nothing more counter-productive than interruptions. I can’t count how many times I will be in the middle of a project and I will get a minor interruption that disrupts my thought process and sometimes I completely forget the project I was working on because I became distracted by the interruption.

Example: Peacefully working in my study completing a homework assignment when my thoughtful husband comes a-knocking, “Honey, I can’t find (insert object here).” I will hop up to quickly help him and get back to my work but then I walk through the kitchen, sink overflowing with dishes (stress #1), floor needs sweeping (stress #2), kitchen table is a mess (stress #3)…you get the idea. By the time I get to where I need I have filled my mind with tasks that need to be done and pushed out the focus on the tasks I was working on.

As found on “Get Organized Now” here are 5 Simple Ways to Reduce Interruptions

  1. Post a DO NOT DISTURB sign –
  2. Screen your phone calls – when you are working on a project put your phone on silent or better yet shut it off! Our fingers ache to play with out phones with their hundreds of distracting apps. Your Draw Something game can wait I promise.
  3. Don’t encourage unscheduled visits – We cannot control everything but we can manage what we encourage; end conversations quick (politely of course)
  4. Close your Door – people (kids, spouse, roommate) will be less likely to come in if the door is closed.
  5. Write up instructions – this one doesn’t always apply unless you are at the office, but it can be very helpful with kids or even your spouse if they have simple instructions for a task at hand.

Your goal for the week is to try any combination of these steps (one, all or some) see if it works.

I’ll report my progress next week.

to-do sheets attached below.

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  Red PDF Logo Weekly to-do sheet

Red PDF Logo Daily to-do sheets (April 2012)