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Its Monday, how are you feeling?

The best thing about Monday’s is it’s an opportunity for a new slate, maybe last week didn’t turn out very productive or maybe it was productive but too stressful to enjoy.

Making a list. Checking it twice…..

One of the best organizing tips I can give you is make a list. Lists serve many good purposes: accomplishment, organization, reminders…..

This past weekend I know I had a lot to do, so I wrote it down and made my list. Having this list helps me remember the tasks I need to complete as well as the ones I want to complete. Lists are my best friend, not because I have a terrible memory but they encourage me when I accomplish something but keep me in check when I haven’t all without saying a word. The best thing about lists is you are not limited to what you put on it, sometimes I will put small items that I want to finish and I know will take me 5-10 minutes just so I feel productive when I cross it off.

Challenge: Make a list (daily, weekly, monthly) and stick to it. You will find yourself accomplishing more than you thought you could.

to-do sheets attached below.

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  Red PDF Logo Weekly to-do sheet

Red PDF Logo Daily to-do sheets (April 2012)