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Its Monday, how are you feeling?

The best thing about Monday’s is it’s an opportunity for a new slate, maybe last week didn’t turn out very productive or maybe it was productive but too stressful to enjoy.

To achieve anything you need to have the goal or desire to achieve it. It is important to have goals, but they need to be SMART goals.


When we make goals, if we cannot picture the end result clearly it is less likely we will work towards it. Make your goals specific. For example instead of “I want to pass Physics” state instead I want to get an “A” in physics. Setting the specific goal helps you see the end result, making it reality.

It is very important for your goal to be achievable. If a goal is to high to reach and you don’t have a ladder, unless you learn to fly you are most likely not going to reach it. Give your self a goal at that obtainable. After a while you will become burnt out of trying; if you are baring passing your tests in Physics is getting that A really obtainable or will you need to get 100% on everything else plus extra credit to get that A? Take a step back and reevaluate your goal, if it is achievable than go for it.

Relevance. Making a goal that is not relevant to your life and priorities will be difficult to achieve. Don’t adopt the should’s from others, create your own goals that are things you want to achieve.

Give yourself a deadline, but make it an achievable deadline.

Goals, help us to be organized, if we have one task at hand that we have a plan for everything else (as long as you keep up with it) will start coming together as you work at it.