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App Wednesday
Every Wednesday we will feature an app that will help you succeed.

Today’s featured app: reQall available on Apple and Android phone/tablet systems.

The app is free, however you do need to sign up for a Free reQall standard account. To get the most out of the app, make sure you give it the ability to send push notifications to your phone/tablet, these will be your reminders.

What you get with a reQall standard (Free) account:

  • Speak or type your reminders into your iPhone; reQall will convert what you say to text (up to 30 seconds recording time).
  • Get your items organized automatically. reQall recognizes dates and times (including recurring dates) and certain keywords. You can also create your own categories and tags.
  • Receive timely reminders via email or IM. In addition, reQall’s Here and Now constantly displays a summary of what you need to remember right now.
  • Share reminders with your friends, family and co-workers, using your iPhone’s contact list.
  • Call, email, or browse from within reQall items that include phone numbers, email addresses, and URLs.
  • Shake your iPhone for a EureQa! experience. Did reQall show you something you forgot?
  • Connect anywhere your iPhone has a data connection, worldwide. If you work offline, reQall syncs itself when you reconnect.

Remember…this is free and helpful. Keep yourself organized at minimal cost.