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Organization is a key to success. Knowing where you stuff is allows you to find it quick and with ease. Disorder causes stress, although some stress is  good stress too much of it will take its toll on us and everyone around us.

How did it go? Did you set aside 5 minutes to organize something? I went through school paperwork and filed what I wanted to keep and recycled what I didn’t.

Often organization becomes masked with a large amount of work because we fail to resist the urge to remove the creativity from the task. When you want to get organized keep your solutions simple. Don’t worry about  sub tabs and sub-sub tabs when filing or color coordinating (unless that is your main task). Follow the K-I-S-S rule, keep it simple solution. Instead redirect your energy to something more useful like motivating others to get organized.

Goal this week: complete a simple form of organizing, like separating bills from everything else.

Check back in next week.