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Organization is a key to success. Knowing where you stuff is allows you to find it quick and with ease. Disorder causes stress, although some stress is  good stress too much of it will take its toll on us and everyone around us.


Clear the Clutter. We’ve set aside a couple of minutes a day to organize, we have given ourselves limits on items we stash (grocery bags, Tupperware, etc), we have restructured what we keep based on our current interests. We have come along way, how is your work coming?

I took the time to clean up my dreaded desktop. Files and icons randomly set across my screen… now I have organized folders, an empty Recycle Bin and a peace of mind, mostly.

How did I decide what to get rid of?

Rule of thumb with clutter: If it takes more than 60 seconds to decide if you should keep it or not you probably don’t need it.

Goal: De-clutter something be it a school notebook, a clothing closet or a file cabinet.