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We don’t charge you for prints without a cause. Almost on a daily basis we hear, “Well what does my tuition go to then?”. This is often referring to prints and copies that requirement payment.

Here is a break down of where the majority of College Tuition goes.

The Professors salary’s: This is a very large expense. You obviously need to have high quality instructors, and high quality instructors cost more money. At West Coast Ultrasound Institute there are lecture and lab instructors for 5 different programs. For most institutions this can be the biggest expense. Although this isn’t considered going directly to the students, this is something that you obviously want your college to spend money on.

The cost of running the school: There is obviously the basic cost of running the school. This is everything from electricity to the upkeep of the grounds. There are a lot of expenses because the colleges are having to constantly update and remodel.

Libraries: These libraries cost a lot of money to run. You have to have the librarian’s to run the library, the maintenance and upkeep, also the cost of keeping the books current, and the IT support.

Student Services: This money is spent on things for the students {graduation, student appreciation days, free tutoring for class or registry reviews}

Career Services: This money is spent on the time and effort it requires to work with potential employers, to put on workshops {Resume, Spanish Medical Terminology, Mock Interviews} and set up registry reviews.